Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Everything's Happening at Once!

A slow start to this blog, but I have a good excuse. This month, we've sold our Novato house and bought a condo in Oakland. And found a good place to stash our 7 cats once we leave the house and move into the condo before we all take off for Australia. Whew!

Getting 7 cats settled ANYWHERE isn't easy...just schlepping all the cages into the car wears you out. But get this, they will stay at the Feline Bed and Breakfast in El Cerrito, where they will have two "suites"...little rooms 3' x 7' on the floor and 10' high, with lots of little shelves and hidey-holes for them to lounge around in. Four cats will be in one suite, and three in the other. This is all complicated by the fact that two of our male cats, formerly feral, hate each other with a passion. It's always tricky getting them settled without mayhem occurring...lots of eyeing each other off and growling.

In Novato the cats have these incredible cages:

The cats roam around outside during the day, then come into the cages to be fed, and are locked inside for the night. We recently moved these cages to the knoll on our property and the cats are enjoying being outside all the time, even when inside the cages.

Once we are all in Australia on our little farm, Serendipity, the cats will have an outside home to sleep in at night. It was formerly a chicken coop, and it's completely fenced in to save the chickens from foxes, so all should be well. Now, if only the cats will leave the nasty, dangerous snakes alone, all will be well!

More on the move in my next post...

Later, y'all.

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