Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's Up With Dianne, Anyway?

Well, I've been among the missing for far too long...again...and no excuses, either. Just feeling a bit down and overloaded, as we now face the prospect of moving out of this house (that we only moved into last October) so we can begin the renovation project. I just can't seem to get myself in gear. No energy, no motivation to get myself going. It's hard to think of all that's necessary to bring this project to fruition: choosing a zillion things like stoves, fridges, bathtubs, shower surrounds, tiles, colors, flooring, etc. ad nauseum, when you don't know which suppliers are good, what brands to choose, where the showrooms are. Sigh. I know it's silly, because it will all be worth it when we're finished, but I just can't seem to get into it this time around.

We've built two houses before this project, and loved doing them both. I think once we finally get going I'll get my house mojo going again, but for now I feel a bit paralyzed.

And so, no quilting for the moment. It's winter here now and quite cold, and my quilting studio is unheated and uninviting. Plus my enthusiasm for pink, blue and cream hasn't returned yet. So, I've been working on small projects like these socks:

And this sweater:

Keeps me busy and engaged, and they are fun things to work on and not overwhelming, like everything else seems to be at the moment.

And guess what? Our neighbors, who are moving, are letting us care for several of their horses for awhile, until they get themselves settled and organized. So, here's Minnie, on the left, a lovely young horse with a sweet, loving disposition, then Naadia, the white horse in the middle, and Tyler, the black gelding on the right. Naadia and Tyler are rather elderly, both just lovely horses. I think we'll enjoy their visit with us.

Also thought you'd enjoy these visitors to our lower paddock yesterday morning. I guess now that the steers are gone, they feel comfortable grazing a bit closer to our house.

So. That's the news of the day from me. Sorry to be such a lame blogger of late. I hope to be better soon, but no promises at the moment. I'm reading everybody else's posts and loving them. Thanks for being there, guys!


Christine Thresh said...

Oh, I am so glad you posted again. I loved the pictures of the horses and the roos.
I don't think I would want to build another house (or do a big remodel) right now. We built one house and did the kitchen over and added a small addition and I loved all the excitement at the time.
Check Guam Quilter's blog (there is a link on my blog to her's) where she is building a new house. I enjoy following her trials and tribulations.
Keep your spirits up!

Lily said...

Hey Dianne :)

Love the view of your bottom paddock!

Don't feel bad about not posting often. Sometimes there's just not a lot to post about. Buy boy am I digging those socks!

Enjoy your equine companions. Just love horses :)

pat said...

We have 5 acres of land and have just finally (after 3 years) been given the go by the planning board to start our house - now that we can do it, neither of us have the time/interest/energy to start this huge project so I know your feeling. The socks look beautiful and the top down sweater is so pretty in lavender- is this the redone larger size version with the smaller gauge?

Rian said...

Yeah, what IS up with Dianne! LOL, just messin' with ya. Can you say OVERWHELMED? You'll get your mojo working soon, I know.

Rian said...

Oh yeah, I forgot--


Libby said...

If the weather is cool - then plenty of socks will be needed *s* Thanks for sharing the pics of your guests and visitors - what fun.

Laurie Ann said...

Chin up! It would be hard for me to move so much. I just hate change. DH even has to rearrange the furniture when I am not home, or I would never do it!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

For someone who is always on the move you just need time to renew.

Love the land you have. Deep in my heart I know I am a country gal.

Enjoy your new 4 legged friends.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Know exactly how you feel, mine's just coming back after a break. Sure you will be reinvigorated when some of your bigger decisions are out of the way, Tracey

Tanya said...

Lovely scenery and the kangaroos make me smile! Wow, moving again! And rennovation too. I'm also one who would rather adjust to something than to have to make decisions about how I want things changed. Too much thinking!

Tonya R said...

love the pic of the roos. I understand about being overwhelmed and listless - upheaval is hard. Hang in there.

Jeanne said...

We did a huge remodel last year -- still fresh in my mind -- so I totally sympathize with you!!
I love the kangaroo picture!

Judy said...

Love those socks! Fabulous pattern the yarn makes!

Mary said...

Renovations are challenging at best but I imagine it is somewhat overwhelming over there for all the reasons you mentioned.

I love the socks - you keep tempting me but I'm going to hold off. I did get some yarn for a couple prayer shawls for some meditative knitting on my next couple trips.

Wendy said...

Wonderful pair of socks, it's all about the yarn isn't it? Good luck with all the reno's I know it can be a bit overwhelming.

Clare said...

Roo's in the garden! Coooo.

I think you need to take time to restock. You don't seem to have stopped since you arrived in Australia. Chill out time for Dianne I think.


Rose Marie said...

Sometimes, you just need a break to do something else for a change. Love the socks and they are so addictive to make!

Great photo of the roos.