Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's All GO in Exeter!

Can you believe the size of this rig? It needed to be able to go completely over the house! Isn't this an amazing shot? Ross thought it looked like the cement was falling from the sky, it was so foggy this morning.
The shiny part below that looks like a swimming pool will be our new living and dining room. The curved part where the guys are just starting to smooth it out will be the new verandah that extends beyond the living room. There will also be an outdoor "room" on the right hand, eh?
A mucky job, but nice and cool this morning. As it warmed up and the sun came out, the flies also came...horrendous! Any Aussies reading this will understand what I'm talking about! The blowflies here are unbelievable.So all this activity happened between 7AM and 10AM. Now it's just finishing up the smooth surfaces. I'll post tomorrow how it looks when all the formwork is down, but isn't this GREAT?!


JudyL said...

That is one huge piece of equipment. The curved porch is going to be so nice! Well, it's all going to be nice but I would love that curved porch.

Clare said...

That is an amazing piece of machinery. Never seen anything like it.

Libby said...

Were you tempted to write your name in that glossy, shiny surface *S*

Cascade Lily said...

Forget the cement - look at that view!!!!!!! Oh it's going to be wonderful Diane!

And the flies are dreadful this year. Hasn't been this bad in five years. Must be the rain has brought them out.