Thursday, February 26, 2009

EZ Rules!

What fun! Having 3.5 wheels of leftover Unspun Icelandic from Schoolhouse Press in the great color, Sumac, I decided to try Elizabeth Zimmermann's Stonington Shawl (from Knitter's Workshop, maybe? I left my book at home). Actually, this was my illicit airplane knitting: you may remember the great Bamboo DPNs Scandal of last year...well, this time I decided to be smarter. I took my KnitPicks Harmony 5.5mm tips, tucked into my briefcase beside the pens and pencils. The cable resided in an outer pocket, all on its lonely. One wheel of yarn was tucked into my rollaboard. Once settled on the plane, well after takeoff, I assembled the needles, cast on, and during my sojourn in California I have been knitting.

Today I paused to admire my brilliance in attempting a picot bind-off on the completed shawl/blanket, and here's what it looks, eh?

And here's the unblocked, blanket. We're going to leave it here in Oakland at the apartment, so we'll have something nice and toasty to throw over our knees while we watch TV.
You may remember that I used this yarn in the Blacksheep color to make my Pi Shawl last year, and that's what we use at home in Australia for TV watching. It was a blessing having so much of the Sumac leftover from my Pansy Triangle Shawl, so I could make up this the pattern, love the yarn, love the color!
And's off to visit some fabric shops on a quest for the perfect border fabric for Katie Rose's string quilt. Did I mention that she's chosen the words she'd like for that border? Here's the winner: Life is a song, sing it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is a dream, realize it. I'll use the stronger colors from the string blocks, probably one color group for each of the three phrases, and the background will be a light pink, either a very small print or a tone on tone. That's today's quest.
And TOMORROW it's Stitches West at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I'll have a chance to meet Lynne of Yarnivorous, too...woot!


Libby said...

I love a girl with a good plan *s* Your ingenuity paid off with a wonderful throw.

Jennifer said...

What a great blanket! It looks so cozy, especially in that color.

And yay for Stitches! Maybe I'll see you there?

Bells said...

oh good work! I've admired that one in the book quite often. Good to see how yours looks. Sumac. What a lovely colour!

Lynne S of Oz said...

You sneaky devil! Denises work well too ;-0 (though not so nice to knit with!)

Mary said...

Love the afghan. Glad I'm not the only one splurging!

Mary said...

Love the afghan. Glad I'm not the only one splurging!

Anonymous said...

hello bonsoir 1 ere fois que je vois des américaines sur le web

vous étes toutes très jolies

j'aime l'AMERIQUE


SARA du nord de la FRANCE