Monday, February 01, 2010

A Finished Quilt Top...Hooray!

Wow! A finished quilt top! I'm loving how it's turning out, too...Here's the final top, with borders, even! Another view, just cause I'm in love!
I made the decision at some point to have the cars and trucks facing the same direction, but alternating direction on each row. Of course, I made a very nice pick-up (ute for my Aussie friends) that I really liked, and only realized I'd made it facing the wrong direction after I'd finished it...what else is new? So, making lemonade from spare lemons, I decided to use the "mistake" block as the quilt label. I think it turned out pretty well...what do YOU think?
So, when we return from our overseas trip, all I'll have left to do is put the layers together and actually quilt it. Hopefully then, when Hugo and his family arrive from London for a visit later in March, I can give the actual finished quilt to him and they can hand carry it back. Not that I don't trust the Post...
We had a great weekend, making a run up to the Sydney Festival final concert of the year, Opera in the Domain...what a great venue, and the opera (Candide) was just terrific. A zillion thanks to Chris and Adele for thinking of us, and for putting us up on Saturday night. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I didn't get to memorialize the evening...
Off to California in a week...can't wait!