Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Time, No Blog!

Here I am again, though I'm sure no one will care any can only disappear for so long or so many times -- but here I am again. Time to reinvent my blog as a place to keep track of what projects I'm working on and what's up in my life.

So, even if no one is listening, here goes .

Oh. I see. Blogger STILL puts photos in the reverse order of the way you load them. I would have thought they'd have sorted that out by now, but never mind... Maybe one of these days I'll switch to WordPress or hard is it to do that, anyway?

Here's how things looked a couple of days ago, as autumn winds down and winter approaches the Southern Highlands. If I took this picture today, only about one-tenth of the leaves would be remaining on the tree!
If you are a Ravelry member, you may have come across the discussion of the shawls worn by the main character in the new movie version of Jane Eyre. A couple of very clever group members developed patterns to replicate the shawls worn in the movie and many of us are attempting to recreate the simple, rustic looking shawl. Here's my attempt. Of course, most knitters were probably smart enough to be sure they had enough yarn on hand before they started. That wouldn't be me, of course! Fortunately, I have a sweater in California that I knit from this year a couple of years ago. I'll cannabalize the collar of that sweater to finish this up. Where there's a will, there's a way!
From the back, you can't tell as much that I've run out of yarn at a crucial juncture...
And here's the finished shawl I did for my friend in gorgeous, heavy dark grey Lamb's Pride Heather. It will be very warm in winter, but much too heavy for other seasons. this space for a surprise shawl underway as we speak...Icarus, done in a DK weight luxurious extra fine merino wool...lovely!
And what have I been doing on the quilting front? Ah, a new queen-size quilt for DS with the traditional Corn & Beans block. The colors will be corn and beans colors...what else?!! Here is the first block about half finished. There are actually three completed now and lots of pieces cut out, so I'll have more pics soon.
And that's it from me for the moment. We'll be off to California again on May 6...can't wait to finish up my To Eyre shawl!