Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Jane Eyre Shawl: The Modeled Shots

So much fun!  I wore this to the movie, Jane Eyre, yesterday.  No other Jane Eyre Shawls were present, except for the one onscreen!  

I really love the look of those ruffles across the back:

And here's Jane, herself, wearing her version in the movie, in case you haven't seen it:

The movie is fun for the costumes and atmosphere, but a little slow, I thought.  But if you are a knitter, you really should make one of these shawls.  Very warm, slightly shaped over the shoulders so it stays on pretty well.  I think there's another in my future!


Mary said...

I love the little ruffle!

Anonymous said...

it's lovely! i'm torn on this movie. There have been such great adaptations and I have loved them and many viewers are saying this one just doesn't help the Jane Eyre story at all, but for the knitwear? Maybe!

Karen said...

I love your shawl and would like to make myself one.

Karen (friend of Mary J.)