Sunday, June 05, 2011

Early O'Clock

Jetlag has me in its throes...asleep at 5PM, up at 1AM...what's a girl to do?  Why, funny you should ask!

On the last trip I wore my greeny-brown Highland Triangle Shawl a lot and enjoyed it every time, so I decided to make another.  I can credit/blame Bells for my color choice...RED, RED, RED.  It's Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, which is the same yarn I used for the last Highland Triangle.  It suits this shawl very well.  Drapey, easy to wrap, not too heavy, a nice sparkle to the color because of the silk content.  This pattern, from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls book, is a dream to knit.  Daunting, at first, because it is such a large shawl, but the pattern is simple, logical, orderly and relaxing to knit once you have the hang of it.  As you see, I photocopy the chart and put it on a board with a rubber band to mark the rows.  I also highlight the pattern repeats to prevent getting lost if my mind wanders, and I use stitch markers on the needles for the same reason.

Anyway, here's how it looks.  I'm actually pretty impressed that even with jetlag, I'm not messing up!

I'm taking a chance that my friends won't mind me posting pics of them wearing the berets I mentioned in the last post.  I think they are traveling today, so I can't ask permission, but they look SO GOOD in the berets I can't stand not to share.

Here's R in his charcoal Moss Stitch Beret:
And K in her brown Porom Beret:
Looks GREAT from the back, too:
Once the sun comes up I may get out in the garden for a bit.  Yesterday was crisp but sunny, so I got a little cutting back of the Japanese Anemones done, and I'd like to tackle the Hydrangeas...  But it's windy today, I can already tell, so that may not happen...frost and wind  may overcome the sunshine.


karine said...

By now we have 5 of your Berets and they are shared between three people. Two will travel with us to Paris June 7th.
Thank you again!
Make more and more and more for ME ha ha ha
Just joking! Not completely.
Lots of love

Bells said...

well i was inspired by you in the first place to knit a shawl out of my EL silky wool - so this is all a bit circular isn't it!!