Saturday, July 02, 2011

Done and Dusted...and Modeled!

So I did get this shawl soaked and blocked and dried in time to wear it out for dinner last night.  First up, here's a picture of it blocking:

It was BIG...ended up 80" x 45".

And here's how it looked when I wore it:

And the back view:
Glad this one is finally finished, but I feel a little bereft!  Of course, I do have the pullover I'm working on, plus another shawl that's underway...

We took a 2-hour walk today up into Mountain View Cemetery at the top of Piedmont Avenue.  This is the cemetery that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park.  It was a glorious summer day and I took zillions of pics.  I think they will deserve a separate post.

As Yarnivorous Lynne would say...anon!


KathieB said...

Gorgeous! I know what you mean about feeling bereft--a project like this one is a constant companion for quite a while.

Bells said...

oh it's just lovely! You're such a shawl inspiration Dianne!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it is beautiful! I love how it looked all blocked and ready to go. Wonderful!

Grethe said...

Very elegant shawl!
You have done a really good job there :-)

PJ said...

Beautiful work, Dianne! Almost as beautiful as you!