Thursday, March 19, 2015

Oh, Boy, What Happened to the Months...Make That Years!

So, it's been yonks since I've posted anything.  I can't imagine where the time went, but there you are.

A lot has happened:  We sold Devon Farm, moved temporarily to Lynwood Farm, and finally bought a place in Mittagong.  Moved there last week, barely got settled, and then hit the skies again for a trip to California..again.

We continue the back-and-forth cross-Pacific life, though it is taking a little toll on us by now.  Maybe one day we will be all together in one place again!

This post will be a trial to see if I still know how to do this, since it's been so long and I don't know how/if Blogger still works.  Should I be migrating this blog to another app?  Maybe someone will give me a clue...

Just to try out the photo function, here are a few things I've worked on lately:

First a pair of purple socks for DS, my own pattern, now completed:

 And my first Hitchhiker scarf, in gorgeous Seasilk from Handmaiden Yarns:

And here is a look at the new living room, in progress (paintings still needing hanging:

Finally, a sad farewell to an old friend...Cloudy was 18 years old, a lovely fellow, and sorely missed: