Saturday, May 30, 2015

End of May...Already!

Tracy's purple Evergreen Socks are finished, washed and mailed off to her.  Hope they fit, and that she likes them:

Several new knitting projects have jumped on my needles, too.  Not sure how THAT happened!  Finished one little scarf (that was supposed to be significantly bigger).  It will be a nice little neck warmer, but I'm always disappointed when the sizing doesn't work out.  Also working on a green sweater for myself, and a pair of red soon.

It's been pretty chilly in Mittagong (down to minus 1 C. a few times already) but still fairly mild during the day, so we decided to attack the garden here at the new house.  There was a huge old tree rose, Crepuscule, that was so overgrown and top-heavy it was in danger of blowing over.  We selected individual branches to remove, then tidied up what was left.  Hopefully we haven't killed it entirely, but Spring will tell...

About halfway through the pruning, here's how the poor thing looked.  Those guy-wires anchoring it were a huge trip hazard, and the steel rebar sticking out of the ground was extremely dangerous.

When we finished the clean-up, here's how the pile of clippings looked.  Took Ross hours to cut this debris into small pieces so it would fit into a Council green bin, but he succeeded, at last.

The finished pruning job makes the poor rose look pretty sparse, but I'm hopeful it will come roaring back, come spring.

We had already begun to attack the driveway plantings, which were also extremely overgrown and rangy.  Here's how that work is going:

And between-times, we managed to fit in a few walks around our new Mittagong neighborhood.  Lake Alexandra is nearby, and very beautiful.  Nice to walk over there, and then around the lake...

In other news, the Oakland condo has sold...closed escrow yesterday.  One of the rental properties in Pioneer also sold in May, so we are achieving our goal of simplifying.  Well, at least a bit!  Everything is relative!

Only a month before we head overseas again.  It will be summer in Glen Ellen by the time we arrive and I'm looking forward to the warmth!  Guess we'd better try to finish the garden clean-up here before we leave.  When we get home again in early-mid August it will be full winter here!