Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today I Became a Blogger!

Well, thanks to my cousin, Nicole, in London, I've finally taken the leap and started my first blog. Thanks, Nicole!

After a late night because one of my cats, who shall remain nameless...well, OK, it was Patchy...stayed out late and wouldn't come up to his cage as he's supposed to. Ross, my husband, was already sawing logs, and I was feeling very put upon, when the little darling finally condescended to follow me up the hill and settle down for the night.

Today it's off to La-La Land to see my niece and nephew in The Wizard of Oz. Then 400 miles back home (Novato, CA) tomorrow. Actually, temporary home, because we'll soon be moving to Australia. More details land pics later.

And speaking of which...later.


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