Monday, September 11, 2006

Time to Show Some Quilts

Well, let's give this a try. I've been wanting to show some of my quilts, but have had a little trouble getting photos to load.

Here's my most recent completed quilt, The Devil's in the Details. I saw an antique Devil's Claw quilt a few years ago and it stuck with me. When my DH wanted a black and white quilt, I decided to design something using the Devil's Claw block. It's huge! California King size, with enough to tuck under pillows and fold this a bedspread? I guess so...

Well, that one came in. Should I quit while I'm ahead? No, let's go for it!

Here's some blocks I made for a charity quilt, called It's a Dog's Life. Couldn't photograph the entire quilt very well because the detail just doesn't show up in small. So here are a couple of the individual blocks. This quilt would have been nothing without this GREAT fabric!

And here's another from the same quilt:

So far, so good. Shall we try one more?

Well, awright! Let's not push it for today! Anyway, this quilt was a lot of fun to make and I'd love to do something similar for cats sometime. Maybe after the move to Australia I can do something for a humane society there.


Tonya R said...

Hi, Dianne, happy to have found your blog. I love the Devil's Claw block too - can't believe you made this one California King. I'd have pulled all my hair out. A queen-sized quilt almost did me in.

Love the colors in dogs blocks. Dogs roller skating? Lots of personality anyway. Anyway, the coppers and browns and greys and blacks just look gorgeous together. Excellent job.

Dianne said...

Thanks, Tonya. Yes, the huge size nearly did me in. Next one that big I'm going to tackle in sections and try putting it all together AFTER it's quilted.

The dog fabric was left over from another project for my nephew. I just thought the dogs were adorable, and since I wanted to donate a quilt to our humane society for their charity dinner, it seemed perfect...glad you liked it!

computerpeach said...

Very pretty quilts!!

Welcome to blogland!

Dianne said...

Thanks, Computerpeach,

I'm surfing on over to your blog right now. Glad to meet you!


Nancy B said...

Love the dogs!!!!!! and the Devil's Claw is striking!! I've always wanted to do a B&W quilt, the red border is a great addition. great work!!