Monday, January 29, 2007

On the Road Again...

It's been a fun trip so far, with several lovely days in Los Angeles, visiting family and friends. However, yesterday has to have been the trip from hell...

Left the hotel for LAX at 7:30 AM, for a 9AM departure to Detroit via Chicago. Late departure of one biggie. In Chicago, we boarded a small jet for the flight to Detroit, but after sitting on board for half an hour or so the flight was cancelled due to a mechanical failure. Scramble to assemble coats, laptops, rollaboards, race out to the Concourse (C), get info on next flight to Detroit, race to Concourse B to line up for that plane. Clever DH called on his cellphone to secure seat assignments, so our seats are at least confirmed.

Waiting, waiting, waiting to board, when I noticed my purse was missing! Panic and consternation, DH implores gate agent to check with maintenance on the scrubbed flight. She reports it may take awhile, and my best chance to recover purse is to remain in Chicago while she tries to track it down. DH MUST be in Detroit this morning to work, so he boards that flight, (after we fiddle around with sharing cash, credit cards, switching powered-up cellphone and laptop batteries) and I start hanging around the desk for news.

Miracle of miracles, the purse is located on the plane, completely intact, with all money, credit cards, passport, driver's license, etc. all there, turned in at the other concourse (of course), but the wonderful agent who tracked this down also secured a boarding pass for me on the next (sold-out!) flight to Detroit, due to a last minute cancellation.

Raced from Concourse B to Concourse C 3, got purse, raced back to C15 for flight department and made it just in time to board. While running, I managed to make a cell call to DH to let him know I would arrive in Detroit very likely only 15 minutes after he did, so maybe we could share a limo to the hotel.

Uneventful flight, DH and I hook up, all amazement that this worked out so happily, and we hop into the limo to the hotel. Very cold in Detroit at midnight (five hours later than we'd expected to arrive!), and the roads are icy. Halfway to the hotel, we find ourselves in the middle of a 7 car pile-up! Our limo has a smashed up right front fender and scrapes along the right side, but we are all one injured, though in the other 6 cars a total of 3 people were taken to hospital in an ambulance and several cars are very badly damaged. Of course, sorting all this out took 2 more hours, before the police would let everyone leave the scene.

So, we strolled in to the hotel at 2:30 AM, with DH expected for his all day work responsibilities at 9:45 this morning. Poor guy made it up and out the door, but I'm sure he'll be wiped out tonight.

As for me, I caught a little shuttle to a local mall for a stroll through shops and restaurants and then came back to the hotel for a snooze.

Sure hope tomorrow's flight to Houston is less eventful! Here's my you think I should give up traveling? Clearly, I can't be trusted to keep all my bits and pieces together, what with all the schlepping, hoisting, stashing, hauling out, racing from place to place. Maybe I'm getting old?!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Will It Ever End?

Yes, I've been sewing again, and making good progress on the antique quilt remake. But BOY am I tired of these 2.25" squares with triangles on each side that make up the square in a square for the large pink squares! I think I'm down to the last 100, and here are some pics of where things are. Here are the last cut pieces of these yucky corner units...I'll be so glad to see the end of them!
And here are the various bits awaiting being put together. You may recall, this is just for the drop sections of the quilt. The main top section is already pieced and awaiting quilting, once I find just the "right" backing for this quilt. Maybe that will be a task for me while I'm in the U.S.
Oh, WAIT! I just noticed those large triangles in the middle left of the above picture. Those ALSO need those corner units on two sides...GRRRRRRRR. That means another 40 or so of those units to be pieced. Sigh! Will this quilt ever be finished? Gives me new appreciation for the quilter who made the original, by hand, probably taking much longer even than mine is taking!

BTW, I just did a quick count, and this quilt required 328 of those little pieced corner units!

In other news, we're meeting with our architect this afternoon to see the first preliminary sketches for the remodel and extension on this house. Can't wait to see what she's come up with, and how closely it meets our brief for what we wanted. We'll be able to mull over these sketches while we travel around the U.S. for the next month, and hopefully we can move right along to permits and planning upon our return. Yippee!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to Biz...

Well, I guess it's back to biz as usual tomorrow...I finished a few more blocks for Clare's Leukaemia Project and am ready to mail them off. It was really fun working with the red and white, I must say. I discovered that I had left nearly all the white fabric in California, so my choices for white were a bit limited, but I had lots of reds. Do you like my wonky heart block on the lower left? I paper pieced it, just messing around to see what I could come up with. It could definitely be improved if I'd planned ahead a bit better, but I decided not to obsess too much.
With family lunch in the middle of the day, I was lucky to finish these up. Company coming tomorrow, so I won't be back at the pink and blues until Tuesday.

Were off to the States on Jan. 23, so I'd like to get as much done as possible before we leave. I know I'm going to be doing a lot of fabric shopping while I'm there...I'm planning to take an empty suitcase! Of course, none of you would EVER do such a thing, I'm sure...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Taking a Break from Pink and Blue...

Well, I'm finally recovered from the yucky cold, and have spent a couple of days sewing and having fun. The antique quilt is proceeding apace...I've finished that large section that covers the top of the queen-size bed, and will now move on to the drop sections. But FIRST, I need a break from pink and blue! So, I decided to play today with red and white...and here are my first two blocks for Clare's Leukaemia Quilt Project. These are two blocks from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache, Mosaic on the left and Indian Star on the right. What fun to just play around with my red stash for awhile! Tomorrow I'll probably get back to the work at hand, but just for today...I'm having a good time!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Down for the Count...

Sorry to say, I've been in bed the last two days with the dreaded lurgy...nasty head cold, slight fever, headache, chills, the whole magilla. Feeling a bit better today, but doubt I'll be back at full speed until tomorrow. So, I've been doing a little reading of everyone else's blogs today, but this post will be wimpy...just like the way I'm feeling today.

Did want to report that the In-Laws' 60th Anniversary Party was a roaring success, in spite of the fact that FIL had this same cold. He held up amazingly well, considering how yucky this thing makes you feel.

We're planning to have an outing later this week, when we're all recovered, to see The Queen. I LOVE Helen Mirren, don't you?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Covered in Threads!

At last, I've actually gotten some sewing done! A quick trip to Sydney to pick up my new No. 57 Quarter-Inch Patchwork Foot (THANKS, Jane Ann!), and I'm in business. As I mentioned, I think, this remake of an antique quilt is going to be completed and quilted in sections. As you see, I've finished all the blocks for the top of the queen size bed and just need to finish sewing them all together. Two sections are sewn, so when I complete the third, I'll quilt the entire top. Then I'll add the drop to the sides and the end, and will be the first quilt I've completed in Australia! So now, I'm covered in threads again and loving it. I'm sure none of YOU ever get covered in threads, do you? Hah, liars!

Hope I can keep my momentum on this quilt. I'm finding I'm getting tired of the soft colors already and thoughts of my Dear Jane and Lady of the Lake quilts keep intruding. I'm going to try to persevere, though.

Meanwhile, I've still not loaded the EQ6 upgrade I received a couple of weeks ago and that's definitely calling to me. Just not enough time in the day and too many social engagements this time of year.

Tomorrow is my In-Laws' 60th Wedding Anniversary Party...should be a wonderful time, and what a stellar achievement. Sixty years together is pretty amazing, if you ask me!