Friday, December 14, 2007

Demolition Derby!

Woo-hoo! They've started demolishing the inside of our house, and here you see me (left), with my darling in-laws, surveying the damage. Feels SO good to have this kind of progress, especially given the terrible weather challenges of the past few weeks. DH looks like a happy camper, don't you think?
Patch is inspecting a big pile of windows and enjoying the lovely sunshine this morning...yesterday was glorious, too! Now, this afternoon, it's beginning to cloud over again, and we are expecting MORE rain this week. I tell ya, we should be building an ark, not a house!
Can you believe this incredible pile of lumber that's come out of the house? Patch and the others find this all very interesting...especially on Saturday, when there aren't workmen around to make noise!
As you can see, the connection between the house and the new garage is still a bit tricky! We're thinking of auditioning for the high wire act next time the circus comes to town... Do you see the cool new outdoor fireplace to the left? Can you just see us sitting out there on a warm evening, sipping our wine and enjoying the fire? The renderer is coming Monday to start rendering (stuccoing over, for you Northern Hemisphere types) the fireplace, so it will match the garage. The house will also be rendered when it's finished.
It's so great to have this project really underway, at last. The mud everywhere is a bit of a worry because we still have big open trenches on one side of the house. They can't fill them in because the ground is so soggy that the bobcat can't get back there. If only we'd get a couple of weeks completely free of rain, they'd be able to take care of this...pray for dry! I know, I know, that's positively un-Australian, but it would really help...just for a couple of weeks.

The new garage is going to be absolutely wonderful. They've moved the old kitchen cupboards out there, plus my old fridge and dishwasher. How easy will it be to barbecue, then keep the mess confined to the garage?! I'm also going to put the old washer/dryer in the garage, so I can wash the cats' bedding out there and avoid having lots of cat hair and twigs in the "nice" new dryer in the house!

In the next couple of weeks they'll have the new internal rooms of the house framed up and I'll be able to give you a glimpse of the new quilting studio. It's going to be really great, with closets at one end with shelving for stash and mess, AND...a large windowseat with that incredible view.

In knitting news, I've nearly finished my first cotton sweater - pics next post. No quilting news as yet. I haven't discovered a place in the temporary digs to set up a quilting station, but my Bernina is here and I made sure to park the plastic tubs with my stash near the front of our new shed, in front of all the furniture and household stuff. Gotta be ready when the mood strikes, doncha know?!


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Yes, it is un- Australian to wish the rain away, but I know what it is like to want the construction to proceed. The 5 months of building this house were very
stressful months.

Sweet P said...

You really are moving along with the rebuild. I can't wait to see your sewing room.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous update! Anxiously awaiting pics of the quilt studio.

Libby said...

You've got some great progress happening there . . . can't wait to see that new studio.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

YAY!!! I called in week after week after week and no sign, I saw the girls discussing your whereabouts and checked on you, still nothing...and i call on the off cace today and find you are back...and so much going on. Those cat rooms are great, so will the house be,and you sound happy, which is also great, lol Tracey

Cascade Lily said...

Did you end up opting for the ark? I hope so! Far out we've had a lot of rain! Glad it's all go go go out your way.

Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dianne! Enjoy your xmas in Aussieland!