Tuesday, August 19, 2008

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

What a WONDERFUL day! Alfonse le Soot has been found...alive and well! A small sore on his nose, as you see below, and both ears have some scratches, he is just skin and bones, but he's doing fine. Here's what happened: Ross went for a walk up our street last evening to visit our neighbors' property about a quarter mile up our road. They are rebuilding their house, but don't live here full time, so we sometimes stop in to take photos of the progress and e-mail them to our neighbors, so they can see how things are going. As he finished photographing, he suddenly heard a very loud meow right behind him. He turned, and there was Alfonse, just standing there looking at him.

He scooped Al up and cuddled him, shedding a few tears of joy, I can tell you! Then he started carrying him toward home. As he neared the edge of our property, Al suddenly got quite agitated and tried to escape. We wonder if there was some kind of incident or attack near the edge of our property that scared him badly. Or maybe he somehow got carried farther away in a vehicle and was on his way home cross-country and now recognized how near home he was.

At any rate, Ross brought him to the door and called in to me: "Dianne, you are going to be VERY happy when you see what I've got." I was absolutely gobsmacked!

Needless to say, Alfonse got a small can of tuna from the pantry immediately, plus cuddles galore. He has lost so much weight it's unbelievable, but he ate and drank well, without overdoing it.

There was plenty of time for cuddles in the rocking chair, and as you see, both my "boys" were ecstatic to be together.
It has been very cold here recently (0 C. yesterday morning...32 F. for you Northern Hemisphere folks!) with lots of frost, and we even had a little snow last week. We wonder where and how he managed to take shelter and survive for three weeks and three days. Fortunately there are a number of dams and small ponds, so water would not have been a problem, if he had access to the outside and wasn't trapped inside somewhere.

Last evening, Ross and Al enjoyed a cuddle and a rock by the fire, then we all went to bed exhausted. Al was up and down all night, padding down the hall to the laundry for a little nibble of his dry food, a quick drink of water, then back to bed with us.
Can you tell we are THRILLED to have him home?!!!


mereth said...

My goodness, I bet Alfonse is thrilled to be home too.I love the picture of them in the rocking chair, what a difference to being out in the cold and the wet and not knowing where the next meal was coming from. I think he's used a few lives on this escapade, but it's turned out wonderfully in the end.
What's been going on in the studio or with the knitting needles? I found your blog a while ago and read all the archives, and then you went and stopped posting. Fill us in, please!!

Libby said...

*yippee* That's Libby skipping happily around the room *s*

Carol said...

What wonderful news that Alfonse is home. Cats have just the most amazing will to leave, even if one of his lives have gone he's still got 8 more. Wonderful news.

Marilyn said...

Hi dear Cousin
I wrote a little note and I wasn't signed in so it was lost.
I wanted to tell you Joe told me about Al missing - I am so glad he is back.
Love your hair cut. Let me know how you like it el natural. My hair dresser said I would have very little if any brown left.
So I am not quite ready. Maybe when Gary is all gray I will go that way as well. Having a younger hubby makes me drag my feet - But the real reason is because I am vain.
I lost all my address when the boys were here and Dell had to reinstall everything.
Lots of Love,

Christine Thresh said...

Gosh, that is good news. I'm glad Al is back from his walk about.

Clare said...

Oh definitely fabjous day! 3 weeks is a helluva long time to go walkabout and return safe and sound, specially if you are a cat.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wonderful news - the boys look happy.

ozjane said...

Nothing like having a cat back where it belongs......in your arms.

Kim said...

I can imagine the relief and joy the three of you are feeling now that you are reunited. Cats truly are strong in their will to survive. We know first hand. Happy for you! Kim and Tom