Monday, September 01, 2008

Alive and Well, and a Knittin' Fool...

As you can see from this shot, Alfonse is looking like himself again...he's even managed to get his nemesis, Cloudy, to snuggle up in the Quilting Studio for a photo op! And yes, that is one of my quilts they've managed to co-opt for their pose. So, I thought for those of you who are still dropping in from time to time, you might enjoy seeing my recent progress...a friend asked for a knitted hat in "pink tones"...and since I'm nothing if not obsessive (but haven't got a lot of pink yarn in my stash), I made four versions in different combinations of the pinks I have. You can also see my first attempt at a Gansey Sweater (the purple pile on the left), and a deep red cabled scarf that is languishing for the moment.
And lest you think I have forsaken quilting entirely, here's evidence that the pastel quilt remake is nearing the final stages. Only a few lines of quilting left before I get a binding on and put it on the guest bed. However, since we're off to California tomorrow, I won't get this finished till we're back at the end of September.
And here's how the window seat is looking...almost buried under piles of my junk. Still no nice neat cushion for the window seat. That will require a trip to Sydney to locate a piece of foam large enough (window seat is 91" wide). Or, I may get lazy (or rich!) and decide to have a cushion professionally made. Then it might have a chance of actually getting completed.
So, off to La La Land tomorrow to attend my 50th high school reunion...just unbelievable! Should be a really fun time catching up with people I haven't seen in nearly that many years. Then up to the condo in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks of retail therapy and catching up with family and friends.

Will try to post while I'm away...and will be reading everyone else's posts, too!

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Clare said...

I don't think the window seat looks untidy. Completely the opposite in fact!

Alfonse looks as if he has put on weight.

Have a good trip back and catch up with you again when you return.