Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nearly Finished!

It was a productive week, I'm happy to say! Realized at some point that there's no floor space that's safe to pin on and large enough for a queen-size quilt inside the house. So...a couple of days ago I set myself up in the garage after carefully sweeping up any dust and dirt. It was freezing out there! Worked out pretty well, though. Here's "Life is a Promise, Fulfill It", and all the layers stretched out and ready for pinning. Before I started the layering process, I decided to try to get one shot of the entire quilt top, for posterity. Not easy...had to perch on a ladder and it still isn't really satisfactory. I need a design wall!
Back in the house, after all the hours of pinning, sore knees, sore fingers, but that quilt is all pinned together!

Here's how I reworked the top border to balance Katie's name a bit.
Y.esterday and today I cloistered myself in the sewing room and got the entire top quilted! Hooray! Also got the binding strips prepared, so tomorrow I will sew those on and start on the hand sewing of the folded-over edge.
This baby is nearly ready for its new owner.
Another BIG thanks to Tonya...I needed to swat up on the wonky letter instructions again when I did these borders. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quilts and Shawls, Oh My!

Well, woo-hoo! Yesterday I finished piecing the words for Katie Rose's quilt, at last. I forgot to take a picture of the entire center section when it was spread out on the guest bed, and we've got company coming any moment, so a pic of the full center will have to wait until tomorrow...but here it is with the center section folded up and pieces of the light pink border fabric laid out around the edges, so I could make sure the phrases are going to fit along the sides. Looks like they will! I'm hoping all these words in the border won't make it looke like it's from the Ransom Note School of Quilting! Now the hard part comes: sewing each letter to its tiny piece of background fabric, allowing for extra space between words, and then adding the extra border strips to top and bottom of the phrases so the overall quilt size will be correct. Not to mention deciding what to do about the backing...and THEN there's the actual quilting. Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep this momentum going and finish this quilt by the 29th, when we leave again for California.

And I have an actual FO to show, too: the Adamas Shawl is finished and here's the proof. All up, I think it ended up taking about 1200 beads, size 8/0, and that was a real exercise in patience! I like the effect though - especially as the beads add just a bit of weight to the outside edge, making the shawl drape very nicely. So, I pressed DH into service this morning for a bit of a photo shoot.

All in all, it was really a fun shawl to knit. Next up will be a very dark purple, almost black, mohair blend, with more beads, but I need a break from beading for awhile, first!
No pics yet of the new cardigan, Amused, but that's going well, too. I started the second sleeve this morning, so it will be finished this week for sure. Pics next time!