Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alive and Well and Kindle-ing in Oakland

Can you believe that before we left Australia I didn't get a photo of the completed quilt? Here's the best I can's all pinned together and laid out on the queen-size guest bed, so at least you can see how it fit. The quilting was a trial, but fun...I have such trouble stuffing large quilts through my home machine. I get stuck, then it all pops free and I get great big stitches, and other fun stuff. Still, Katie has now received the quilt and tells me she really, really likes it, and THAT's what's important! And here's what I've been up to lately: Kindle! With reassurance from some good Blog Buddies, I took the plunge, and I am totally in love...
Of course, as usual, here's the first thing we did when we arrived in Oakland. Can you see that happy smile? TACOS!
There has been knitting going on, too. This plain ribbed sock, made with gorgeous merino sock yarn from Piedmont Yarn Shop, knit on 2.25 bamboo DPNs. It's such a luscious color, I've decided to call these socks my Plain Strawberry Vanilla Socks.

And there's even been an FO (finished object) today. My first Kiri Shawl, in KnitPicks Swish DK in Forest Heather, knit on KP Options 4.5mm. I added some size 6/0 beads in a very pale green crystal and I think I'm going to like them. Once the shawl is dry, I'll try to get DH to take a pick of it being worn.

Other than that, it's been eating, drinking, walking the neighborhoods around our apartment, visiting family and friends and really enjoying life. We took a trip up to the Sierra Nevada Foothills over the weekend, visiting friends in Pioneer, and we even got a little rainstorm...unheard of in California in July!
Eight more days of play, and then we return to Oz. No hope at all that we'll have the same flight experience we had on the way up: the plane was madly oversold, and they bumped us to Business Class...what an incredible luxury!