Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh, My Stars & Garters...That Was CLOSE!!

Can you believe it? SKYP Sock #1 finished, with 2 grams of yarn left. I was sweating it, for sure. I guess it's optimistic to think you can be sure of making a pair of men's socks with two skeins of Koigu. Any feet larger than DH's (about size 10) haven't got a prayer. I was already auditioning scraps of other sock yarn for the toes, just in case. So glad that wasn't necessary. Now, on to Sock #2... Meanwhile, Print O' the Waves has come to a standstill, due to lack of yarn:
I got one short side border and most of one long side border knitted on before running out. Fortunately, I have one skein being sent to me in California by a kind Raveler. Can you imagine how annoyed I'd be to have to switch dyelots at this point?
Not such happy news on the quilt front, though. I took a cruise through local fabric shops for just the right sashing fabric for Hugo's Wheels, to no avail. So, I'll need to wait till the California trip in two weeks. I had hoped this top would be all stitched together before we left, but that's not to be.
Oh, and Happy Australia Day to Aussie blogger friends!


Anonymous said...

oh that was close! Good work!

And thank goodness for ravelry and people who can help! Imagine! Gosh that's looking pretty. said...

Super socks. We should have had them here,as it feels like -100/below 0 these days. But nice and warm inside, good time for quilting. Nice to read you blog _smile_.

Libby said...

I have to admit I'm envious of your trip to California . . . . have a great time and say Hi for me *s*