Sunday, May 08, 2011

California Girl Back in California...for the Moment.

 So here we are again...back in Sunny California for nearly a month.  Brought my knittin' with me, and a few quilt blocks:

This is my finished To Eyre shawl, pattern by Carol Sunday on Ravelry, following extensive discussions on the Rav boards about the shawl worn by Jane Eyre in the new movie, and Carol's exemplary pattern creation.  HOWEVER...having run out of yarn about two-thirds through the shawl, I was forced to scavenge the collar from a sweater I knitted from the same yarn last year.  Want to see the poor, depleted sweater today?

Kinda sad, no?  However, the sweater was a bit too wide for me, and the collar overwhelming for my size, so I think I'll knit a new one, same pattern, smaller size and different yarn.

If the new shawl is dry in time I'm hoping to wear it when I go to see the movie tomorrow...wonder if anyone will recognize it as the same shawl Jane's wearing in the movie.

And I've been working on a Corn and Beans Quilt for my DS, and brought 3 and a half blocks with me to show him how it's going.  Can you see the fabric that has green beans on it?  How about the one with ears of corn?  Cool!  He loves the blocks, so I'm good to go.

I've got about 7 hats queued up to knit, so that should keep me out of trouble while we're here...

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Hope you are enjoying California. I just got back from Australia! Can you believe it - I got to visit! I had an amazing time and could so live there!