Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Joe Made Me Do It!

My cousin Joe reminds me that I haven't posted for ages!  Thanks for the little nudge, Joe...

I think this photo says it all about why I haven't been on here:

Yes, there's a jumbled up pullover on the left, with only the sleeves left to be knitted.  In the center are two books written by another cousin, Jeff Maulhardt, about my family's roots in Oxnard, California.  In front you see a stack of file folders, organized by my family's various surnames, and some notes...plus the obligatory cup of coffee to keep me going.  Yes, thanks to Mary, I've been bitten by the Ancestry.com genealogy bug!  So engrossing, entertaining, fascinating and obsessive.  Just what I need, one more obsession...no smart cracks, OK?!

Meanwhile, out the window, winter is leaving us and spring is trying hard to arrive.  This morning is still very chilly, but here's how things looked a couple of days ago:

Cloudy was ready to start his around-the-hard prowl, under the Manchurian Pear blossoms.

Then he decided to visit the horses in the adjacent paddock...notice they are still wearing their rugs.  It's still down into the mid-30s at night.

Patch decided to join his brother in a prowl around the yard, oblivious to the fact that Chloe is perched on the limb directly above his head.

Doesn't Chloe look smug, having gotten away with escaping Patch's less-than-welcome attentions?!

OK, enough schmoozing...back to the family tree!

And thanks again, Joe, for getting me back to Blogger, and also for sending the GREAT family photos!  You are the best!


PJ said...

Hi cousin,

These are beautiful pics -- makes me wish I was there, working on the ancestry tree with you.

Love you, Joe

Ida said...

Do you have any OXNARDS in your family? I have a dear friend who is an OXNARD.

Her family moved a few times, but lived in Bellefonte, KY (near Ashland, KY) for awhile.

She now lives in Bellefonte, PA. :)

Mary said...

It's so easy to get sucked in! I've devoted more time than usual to Ancestry.com in the last week.

Shasta said...

Quilting and genealogy are my twin obsessions as well - and they both scream loudly for my attention. Lately, I have been looking at books and ideas for quilting a genealogy. Now I'm on the hunt for a book called Crazy Quilted Memories.

AnnieO said...

Oxnard is a tiny hop from my town, Ventura! How funny to see that city name pop up. Love your early spring photos.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the scenery is wonderful! Just like I remember!