Saturday, February 17, 2007

Check You on the Flip Side...of the Pacific

Well, the time has come, and we're in the throes of packing up whatever is going with us on the plane. Sent two huge boxes (24 lb. each!) to Australia yesterday...ouch!

Oakland is putting on a glorious farewell for us. It's been sunny, warm and beautiful, with flowering trees coming into blossom, daffodils beginning to appear hear and there, and a zillion birds serenading us each morning. I'm happy to say, we'll be back to enjoy it again in May.

Now, to return to summer in Oz. We hear there have been lots of rainstorms since we left...8" in one several-day period...which we desperately needed. We're hoping our dam will have topped up nicely and that the grass, which had become quite crinkly, will look like grass again. We're anxious to see the kitty cats and hope they forgive us for leaving them. Knowing how cats are, they'll probably say, "Oh, have YOU been gone?"

And then, on to the big remodel and extension of our house. We have a preliminary plan and will meet with our architect next week to discuss final adjustments to the design and to meet with the landscape architect. What a big adventure...can't wait to begin!

So, see you all on the flip side in a coupla days. I'll be among the jetlagged for a few days, I'm sure!


Libby said...

Have a safe trip.

Rian said...

I don't envy you that 15 hour flight.

Sweet P said...

I hope you travel safely. I don't know how many times I could make the trip. You seem to be handling the travel well though.

Dorothy said...

Safe travels, we'll see you when you get home.