Monday, December 03, 2007

Moved Out!

Friday was moving day, and over the weekend we got settled in at our neighbors' house. The cats moved into their new digs on Saturday: What you see above is the two outdoor screened-in rooms, with the two inside rooms just behind. The cats are allowed to roam around freely outside this complex during the day, and then they get locked inside each night.

Here's what the inside of one of the indoor rooms looks like. We'll be adding more places for them to "roost" up high on some shelves, I think, but this works for now. You can see Cassie lounging in the camp chair. Since not everyone gets along with everyone else, the division allows for the two more agressive males to inhabit one half of the complex, while the other five more mellow types live in the other half.

And both rooms have this view from the windows and from the outside screened-in area:
Meanwhile, at the house, here's what's happening to the kitchen:
After a few hours of messy work, the skies opened up (AGAIN!) and here was the result:
Today there are no workmen here, the ground everywhere is a giant mud bucket, and there are pools of water everywhere.

This will be short, because I'm writing while sitting on the floor of the empty bedroom. Our internet connection isn't up at our temporary digs, so we have to come back here till tomorrow to send e-mail and such.

More later...pray for some sun!


Christine Thresh said...

Bunk beds for the kitties! I laughed when I saw the set up.

I do hope you have a lot of sunshine, it's time for that.

Clare said...

The cats' accommodation looks fantastic! I thought Australia was supposed to be sunny at this time of year. Where's yours? How long are you on temporary accommodation for?

Libby said...

Those kitties really do have a great life *s*

Cascade Lily said...

Progress is progress!